An example of a semi-hydro setup for a large Monstera plant

What is semi-hydro?

Semi-hydroponics aka ‘semi-hydro’ or hydroculture, is a fuss-free gardening method using inorganic materials as its medium instead of bark, peat /sphagnum moss or soil. LECA / Clay aggregate is usually use as a medium. This is because LECA / Clay aggregate are light, absorbent, long-lasting, strong and porous. Semi-hydro is especially used for houseplants due to its convenience. With hydroculture, you will have less bugs and do not have to worry when about under or overwatering your plants.

How does semi-hydro work?

With semi-hydro, you plant as the way you would with soil, the difference is water are held at the bottom of the pot that is filled with LECA (usually 1/3 water ratio to pot size or a few inches of water). The LECAs will wick the water up to the plants as the roots grow and search for more water. Plants adapted to leca will grow water roots or roots that are adaptable to semi-hydro.

What do I need to get started with semi-hydro?


An example of lecca as a medium for semi-hydro planting

Plant Food

Liquid Plant food is needed for semi-hydro

Plants / Cutting

A picture of a frydek plant to showcase semi-hydro for plants

A few other things to take note with semi-hydro:

  • Change water reservoir weekly or when it’s finished
  • Your water reservoir should never be more than 1/3 of the size of your pot
  • Always find pots with holes/nettings – check out our selection of semi-hydro pots!
  • Enjoy, trust the process and have fun!